Problem Reporting

A picture…or video…is worth a thousand words

Sweep Up gives your customer the ability to report an issue in seconds. Customers can type a short description, take one or more pictures or videos and submit the issue instantly. Operatives and managers are notified and know exactly what to do instead of trying to guess what the customer needs.

After operatives resolve the issue, they can take a picture showing that the issue was resolved and the system will document before-and-after pictures of the complaint.  Customers will be notified of the closed issue and can access the before-and-after pictures and the time it took to solve the issue to ensure total satisfaction.

In addition, Sweep Up allows your cleaners or managers to report problems internally before the customers finds out about it allowing the issue to be addressed before it turns into a complaint. Before-and-after pictures or video will ensure proper documentation and will help develop a culture of accountability in your company.

View all issues from the administrator web portal.

Just £5 a month per user!

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