Time Tracking

Caretaker time tracking and quality notifications

Accurate time keeping will help you be accountable to your customers and will help you manage your business efficiently without waste by ensuring operatives are accountable to you.

Simple to use

Check in with a tap!  Signing in and out with the Mobile app is a breeze with Sweep Up.  Opertives can use the Mobile app to check in and check out.

Map it

Cleaners can click the “Map It” function to help them know where they need to go.  Sweep Up will map any location where they need to go and give them instructions how to get there.

Location awareness and real time notifications

You’ll receive a notification if cleaners have checked into a location when they are not physically there. You’ll also know if an operative has started late or hasn’t shown up for work. Sweep Up helps create a culture of accountability with your team helping you be proactive instead of reactive to potential customer dissatisfaction.

Doing payroll… easy peasy lemon squeeze!

Running payroll is a breeze with Sweep Up.  All recorded time is available for your review and approval.  Time can be adjusted as needed or new time records can be created if a cleaner forgot to check in or check out.   All recorded time is logged in your web-based manager dashboard.  Approved time can be exported to your payroll system of choice.

Just £5 a month per user!

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